Although this may surprise you, the first application of fertilizer should not go down until mid-May. This allows time for nature to do its work. If you put fertilizer down before the roots of your grass have  had time to reach ample deepth into the soil, this may leave your lawn susceptible to drought conditions.

Most lawns require two fertilizers a year to attain and maintain it at its peak. Timing is important!

The following are exceptions to the rule:

  • A tropical summer has a lot of rain and heat, thereby causing your grass to grow at an excellerated rate and the nitrogen in your soil will reduce. We recommend a fertilizer treatment in mid to late August.
  • Where lawns indicate bare or thin spots due to summer, insect or neglect, an additinal fertilizer application will help to restore the lawn.


FERTILIZING IN THE SUMMER: If it’s hot and dry, no fertilizer required. Keep your lawn watered with about an inch of water per week. That’s equivalent to about an hour (all at once — not 20 minutes x 3 days) of watering per sprinkler location. Chinch bugs start to appear in June. See Pest Mangaement below.


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