Grassroots Lawn Care is different!

Yes, we provide affordable, and environmentally responsible lawn care services, but unlike most lawncare companies, we won’t oversell you!

Getting your lawn green and healthy is not rocket science…

but it does involve science.

Scientists have been developing products for years and all that is required is to know when, what, and how to apply the research (product or service).

Don’t let the fertilizer manufactures and lawn care operators fool you with their application timing and rates! They want you to use as much product allowed by law. They have no interest in your lawn, they’re just concerned with how much money can be made.

Of course, we’re all for free enterprise but we know that the same results can be achieve by using less product and more science (and common sense)!

The goal of Grassroots Lawn Care is to enrich your soil and increase your root mass, making your lawn healthy and green, naturally!

Please check out what we offer by visiting the tabs under “Services.”

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