Pesticide/Herbacide Application

While there is currently a pesticide ban in Ontario, the natural replacement products are governed under the Pesticide Act and therefore are still called pesticides!  Strange but true.  Thanks Dalton!  If they are natural, and therefore harmless to humans, why do they have to be regulated?  Hmmm, can you smell money?

So, here’s what happens when we see  an infestation of  either bugs or weeds.  In most cases the affected area can be treated in isolation.  Why pay to have pesticides sprayed all over your lawn where there is no problem?  Grassroots Lawn Care only charges for the product used plus labour costs.  Most large lawn care companies will charge a flat rate based on the size of your lawn,  not the size of the problem.

Grassroots Lawn Care will always strive to do the best at the best value possible.