Verticutting is a cross between aerating and de-thatching. It does both at the same time.  However, it is best utilized to renovate a lawn as it allows for quick and high density germination of the applied grass seed.  Traditional aeration involves a machine, equiped with rotating tines, that remove 2-3″ plugs from the turf.  This helps to reduce compaction of soil and allows rain and fertilizer to penetrate the surface more quickly.  Verticutting is done using a similar method but instead of plugs, it scores 2-3″ grooves through the surface.  This method also severs some of the tubers of the grass and thereby cuts and pulls up grass while it moves.  Some of the dead grass that built up will be churned up to the surface as well.  Often you will fill a couple of garbage/debris bags full per 1,000 square feet.  This method is our preferred one as it creates near perfect conditions for germination of grass seed.

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